Therapy for Young People

Sometimes, a child or young person may have had a particularly challenging start in life or are currently going through difficult circumstances at school or at home. It may be hard for the child or young person to express they are having difficulties or that they are feeling unhappy. If this is the case, they may show how they feel through their behaviour, perhaps by acting aggressively, self-harming, hurting others or seeming withdrawn or anxious. Others may indicate distress by physically hurting themselves, or even soiling or wetting the bed. 

My experience working with children and young people spans from primary and secondary school counsellor to work with young offenders. I am trained to work with a broad range of tools including talking and play therapy. I offer a  variety of media, which could include sand, painting, drawing, clay, music, storytelling and writing. 

Sessions are face to face, meeting once a week.  The cost is £35 per session.

Truck Bed Guitar Session